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Employee Scheduling


This is a Employee Scheduling web application providing a simple solution to manage employee schedules, time clocks, payroll and time off in one solution. This application included many features:

POS - Inventory Management


This is a Point Of Sale web-application developed to provide an all-in-one solution for a multi-location retail automotive parts store. The application provided many features including:

PSI Disposal Inc Web Design


PSI Disposal Inc website is an informative website provide the company's services available to their community. The design required to be desktop and mobile friendly, which is why I used the Twitter Bootstrap and Sub-theming to meet these requirements. Some features include: Static informative pages, social media links, BBB accreditation, and ability to request for service quotes and service feedbacks

- Drupal 7.x (actively maintained by me)
- Twitter Bootstrap module (mobile capable)

Scofield Services Web Design


Scofield Services website was designed to be an informative source to provide services and information to the pubic in their community. One of the design requirements were to have the design provide information for both desktop and mobile devices. I used the Twitter Boostrap module and the use of sub-theming to meet the desktop/mobile design requirements. All pictures were provided by both client and me. All images were created/altered by me.

- Drupal 7.x (actively maintained by me)
- Twitter Bootstrap module (mobile capable)

Utopia Underground - LD29

Utopia Tournament Main Menu
Utopia Tournament Level 1
Utopia Tournament Level 2
Utopia Tournament Level 3

This game was submitted to the Ludum Dare Compo 29 (LD29) game jam. This is the first solo game dev jam I participate. It was a great experience and you will be seeing more in the future.

Description: Utopia is a wonderful city that everyone loves to live in. The country never has problems with power outages, droughts, or even garbage disposal. But what the residents know what makes this society run. Underground there are workers that manages machines that make the city run. Your goal in the game is to fix the machines in each level to keep Utopia alive. Can you handle the task?

GitHub Tycoon

GitHub Tycoon Main Page
GitHub Tycoon Leaderboard Page
GitHub Tycoon Issue Page
GitHub Tycoon Status Page

GitHub Tycoon is a web-browser game which simulates a persistent software repository management. It was primarily developed in PHP/MySQL with the use of other technologies including: Twitter Bootstrap, Bootswatch and Font Awesome. The game was entered in the GitHub Game-off 2012 competition.

GitHub Tycoon: